[EU] January 24th Training [RESULTS]

Salutations, ACP!

      Today we logged onto Ascent, Club Penguin Rewritten. Unfortunately, no higher commands were could come. However, Major General Dino and new Brigadier General Zelly led the event. We had lots of fun. Thanks to all who attended.

Max (& Average): 8

Thank you all for the pictures!

ACP Major General


Greetings, ACP!

Today we logged on to Beanie for our party exploration event! This event took place during the festival of lights and we were the first army to log on. We brought clovers to the sky on the balloon ride, and we had a team battle at the ice rink. It was a fantastic event and a tremendous day for the ACP. 
                                                                Max: 15
the event was lit (literally)
ACP Brigadier General