[EU/UK] Sled Racing Tournament Results!

Hey ACP!
Our European/UK division held an exciting Sled Racing tournament on the server Beanie today! Before the racing began, we held a quick training in casual ACP uniform at the Beach, Ski Village and Ski Hill! We maxed 12 penguins! We then raced it out on the slopes of the Ski Hill, with Zelly being crowned the winner! Also congratulations to Oddone for coming in second place! Claim your 3 clovers if you came!

March On! ~Max
☘ACP General☘
European Division Leader


[US] Unscheduled.Garrison U-Lead on CPATG

Heya ACP!

Today, we had an incredible event! Despite being an unscheduled event, everyone was motivated and excited for a chance to lead! Our troops had an opportunity to showcase their leading. To say the least, the event was incredible! We maxed 15 in this event.

~Rockstar1819, Retired 3ic/Legend and Brigadier General