[US/UK] Branch Battle Results

Hey ACP!

Today our troops logged into Beanie, CPR for a combined branch battle with our allies The RPF. For this event we combined RPFs Navy and Airforce with ACPs Team Echo and Team Alpha into two teams, Team Ruby and Team Sapphire. We battled through the Iceberg, Docks and Hidden Lake (why Ulti) maxing 41 penguins resulting in a Team Ruby victory!!! Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen as well as the troops from both RPF and ACP. 

March on x FTGF

[Ausia] Tuba Event Results

Hey ACP!

Today our Ausia Division logged into Blizzard, CPR for a tuba event. We visited the Town and the Lighthouse maxing 12 penguins and doing general tuba things. Thanks to everyone who attended. MARCH ON ACP!