[EU/UK] Training + Simon Says Event Results

Hey ACP!
Our Survey Corps/European division had yet another successful event today! We logged onto Beanie for a CPR Training & Simon Says event. We practiced some new formations which we will continue to improve on in coming training sessions. We maxed 19 penguins, be sure to claim your 3 clovers for attendance! Thank you and well done to all that came!

March On! ~Max
☘ACP General☘
European Division Leader

[AUSIA] Pizza Doughminance Session

Heya ACP!

What a plentiful way to start a crusting! Blending flavor on clover tops galore. There’s nothing more like pizza to crave. We started dough (pun intended hah) pretty tough and pretty much was crust on filling. Bottomline it was an incredible event lead by Generalissima Lucy and awesome lad Max! We maxed 19. (Also, yes, Hawaiian is awesome. Haters y’all can fight me! Hahaha!)

Regards, on behalf of ACP Ausia.
Retired ACP 3ic/Legend and Brigadier Gen.

[US] Tubas Vs. Guitars Results

Hey ACP!!

Today our US Division logged into Blizzard, CPR for our Tubas Vs. Guitars event. We spread musical mayhem in the Town, Dance Club, Forts and Ice berg. We maxed 37 penguins performing tactics on a musical… I mean massive scale. Thank you to all who attended this event you make the ACP what it is. MARCH ON!