[UK] Civilian Spy Mission Results

Hey ACP!!

Today our UK Division logged in to Blizzard CPR for our Civilian Spy Mission. During this event we wore regular clothing with a hint of green. We maxed 41 penguins during this event visting the Town, Dance Club, and the Snow Forts. Thanks for all who attended make sure to DM McHappy for your clovers. MARCH ON ACP!!

AUSIA Victory March [RESULTS]

Greetings, ACP!

Today we logged on to Blizzard (CPR) for our AUSIA Victory March event. [We went around the island showcasing the kind of tactics and formations that secured our recent historic victory in the Holiday Championships Finals. All in all great performance by our AUSIA division. It was an awesome event and we thank everyone for coming!

MAX: 13

ACP Lieutenant General

One Month of History: December 2019 – The End of a Decade

[US] Tree Event/EPF Recruitment

Hey ACP!!

Today our troops logged onto Blizzard, CPR for some EPF Recruiting. We started at the town maxing 26 penguins performing multiple tactics.We then switched back to our normal uniform and headed to the EPF room, welcoming multiple troops to our ranks!! Thanks for coming out ACP, MARCH ON!!