Holiday Championship Semi-Finals [RESULTS]

Hello ACP!

Today we logged onto Klondike for what may go down as one of the most historic battles of the new age, the Holiday Championship Semi-Finals. Before the tournament began, the server was a buzz with excitement! This long awaited tournament had every troop on the edge of their seats, polishing their helmets, and preparing to bring home the victory. As troops logged on and gathered in the town, Koloway gave a speech over the voice chat.

Good evening everyone. My name is Koloway and I’m the 47th Commander in Chief of the Army of Club Penguin. First, I’d like to thank you all for coming out to the most important battle of modern ACP history. Today is the day in which we become the army we always once were and the army we were born to become. It is such an inspiring sight to see how far we’ve come in just months; returning to our former heights and marching all over what once was ours. The sleeping giant from underneath that old field of clovers has awoken and there is no stopping who and what we were meant to become. Today we march into the Semi-finals of the Holiday Championship Tournament and face off against our allies, the Help Force. This battle has had a sort of buzz surrounding it all week long. From the ranks of Private to the rank of Guardian, everyone’s raring to go and win this battle. ACP past and present combine today in an attempt to further the winning culture that the ACP has been known for. There are members new and old today proudly displaying their Letterman jackets. It is the greatest sight in the world to see these people believed only to be legends back again as phantom members of our group. It is today that we show the world around us that we’re ready to win and that we won’t be stopped. The ACP is reaching new heights in this new decade and we will continue to do what we have done since 2006. We march on, always. – I hope that a fighting spirit engulfs you for the entirety of this battle and that we can truly defend our clover emblem. Let’s get this win ACP. I love you. I will give my all for my brother, remember that.”

Koloway, Commander and Chief of the ACP
We first battled at the iceberg, making a plus that filled the whole room. Next, we battled in the mine where we surrounded the room, circling the Help Force. The last room of the tournament was the Ice Rink where we made four lines and another impressive plus. As we bombed “Good game”, the judges debated the who the victor should be. They ruled 1-1-1. Help Force winning Iceberg, Army of Club Penguin winning the mine, and a tie at the Stadium. We battled in one final room, the docks, to settle the score. Hearts were pounding as we awaited the final ruling. In the end, the Army of Club Penguin reined victorious with a max of 48! We move onto the next round of the tournament against the Rebel Penguin Federation tomorrow!

Let’s hear what our troops and high command have to say about this historic victory!

“Overall, both armies were fantastic today but I think we showed just how strong we can be during the overtime. I think tomorrow will be a big challenge for everyone in ACP but we just have to go with it, try our hardest and hope for the best.”

Oliver, Sergeant Major

“I think [the tournament] went very well and shows how much we’ve improved since the November to Remember tournament. Going from [our normal max] to maxing 40. That’s amazing.” 

Aurora, First Lieutenant

“Today’s battle was a tough one. I was really anxious about it the whole time. I saw that some of us were struggling a bit, so I was worried we were going to lose. Luckily, we managed to pull an awesome comeback, and we won. I know it’s going to be an even tougher battle tomorrow, but I know we can win. Let’s show RPF why we’re the #1 Club Penguin Army, and turn the world upside down in the process!”

ShadowSaint, Major

“I am so proud of each and every one of you. Together we have created something incredible. We have created a moment of which I will never forget; the moment we won. We have created a history that will be remembered for the ages. Most importantly, we have created a home and a community that I will always treasure. Inside of each ACP soldier is a fighter. You are all strong and I know that you can be the troops you were on that battlefield today in your real lives and in everything you do. Preserve freedom, defend justice.” 

Kailey, Second in Command