[EU/UK] Pizza Gang/Training Event Results

Hey ACP!
Today our UK and US divisions logged on for a Pizza Gang/Training event. We paraded the Town, Pizza Parlour and Ice Berg and managed to completely fill up the rooms, maxing 50 penguins! Fantastic job to all that came, don’t forget your 3 clovers for attendance

March On! ~Max
☘ACP General☘
European Division Leader

[AUSIA] ACP Gendarmerie Drilling Expedition

Heya ACP!

A new decade has passed by with visions in 2020. Today, we witnessed that ourselves with some drilling on Blizzard, Berg (CPR). Astoundingly, came across with some sizes never seen before in a while since Gendarmerie’s reopening. I’m proud to say on what we’ve achieved so far. We maxed a striking 32 in this event! This comes with new hopes that lie ahead. Hopes you say? Today was an extraordinary day! See this for yourselves and behold.

Town Gathering (Part 1)
Town Gathering (Part 2)

Once again, thank you for partaking on this monumental peak.

~Regards, The ACP Gendarmerie Divisonal Team.

[January 2020] Current CPR Pin location

Hey there,

ACP is here with the location of the first pin of 2020! You can find the Snowflake Tile pin outside the mine, its here till January 16th.
Here’s how it looks on the playercard:
Thank you for reading!
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[January 2020] Gift Shop Catalogue

Hey ACP!

The new year is here along with a brand new catalogue full of secrets, read on to find out all the secret items!

Page 1

There are 4 hidden items in the first page:

Page 2

Five hidden items in the second page. The blue viking helmet is the fifth item, you can get it by clicking on the coin symbol (highlighted in yellow) four times.

Page 3

There are three hidden items in the third page:

Page 4

There are five hidden items in the fourth page:

Page 5

This page used to have other secret items previously but now it has 4 of the 5 items in the last page:

Page 6

The four hidden items on this page are as follows:

Page 7

Page 7 contains four secrets:

Page 8

The three secrets on this page are shown below:

Page 9

Page 9 has two hidden items, making it the page with the least amount of secrets:

Page 10

There are three hidden items on this page:

Page 11

Get your ladybug outfit on this page:

Page 12

Here are the four hidden items in the last page of the current catalogue:
So this is it for the secrets in the current catalogue, have fun waddling and stay warm!
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[US] Hat and Scarf Event {RESULTS}

What’s good ACP?!
Today we logged onto Blizzard in order to carry out our awesome hat and scarf event! Although we faced some tough heckling and trolling it was an awesome event and we managed to do some awesome tactics!
MAX – 30

ACP Lieutenant General