{AUSIA} Gendarmerie Present Recruitment Session [RESULTS]

What’s good ACP?!
Today we logged in to Blizzard in order to recruit some new troops utilising a combination of the present costume and the EPF recruitment method.
This was critical in order to prepare for the multitude of AUSIA invasions we are going to have against the Templars we must have a good number of AUSIA members.
We did very well Maxing 22, and gaining some new  recruits. Lets keep up the good AUSIA work!
Keep up the good stuff AUSIA division, especially for the upcoming war!


[SPEC OPS] Fun Event for Everyone! [RESULTS]

Hey, ACP!
Today our Spec Ops division had a special event on CPR where we basically did whatever we wanted. It was a huge success, and it was awesome to see Mchappy leading again!

Max: 26
Commander in Chief

[US] Operation: Ornamental Overload Results

Hey ACP!
Today our troops logged into Blizzard, CPR for Operation Ornamental Overload. We dressed in the Blue Christmas Bulb travelling to the Town, Iceberg and Bakery performing multiple tactics in each room. Eventually we marched to the EPF room for some recruiting performing multiple tactics and welcoming some new members! We maxed 36 penguins at this event thanks to all who made this possible, march on ACP!