War Duas Against the Knights of Deus [URGENT]

Addressed to the Templar Knights of Club Penguin.

The Army of Club Penguin goes to war with TEMPLARS.

The ACP has been made aware of Templars declaration of war.

Okay, we can roll with that.
We will be abiding by a no allies rule. If troops breaking these terms are found, all of Templars land will be surrendered to ACP and Templar’s invasions will be rendered invalid. We previously had a treaty in place to make sure that TCP didn’t declare war on the following armies: PZF, PWA, and GSG. Templars decided they were above our treaty lasting until Feb 1st, 2020, and now war is declared.In addition, many racist and hateful things have been spilled out by members of TCP.

Nice knowing you, Templars.

Remember: We march on, always.

[EU/UK] Bakers Event Results!

Hey ACP!
Our Survey Corps division had another fantastic event today, this time a Bakers Event with the new Cookie Apron from the Bakery! We maxed a total of 49 penguins! Don’t forget to claim your 3 clovers if you were there!

March On! ~Max
☘ACP General☘
European Division Leader

12/26 US Results

Hey ACP!

Yesterday our troops logged into blizzard for another tree event! During this event we maxed 22 penguins visiting the forts and ski village. Thank you for everyone who came out to help! Be sure to attend our upcoming UK event!!

[DECEMBER 2019] Field Ops Guide!

Hey ACP!

Are you as tired of the damn spy phone blinking as I am? Don’t worry fam I gotchu, I’m here with the guide to the latest Field OPS!

1. Make your way to the EPF Command Room and get your orders

Press the yellow downward arrow button on your spy phone (bottom left of your screen) to reach the EPF Command Room, proceed to get your orders from the machine on the top right:
Click “Continue” to proceed to the next step once you’ve read G’s message.

2. Go to the Cave Mine

Once you’re in the cave mine, stand next to the computer on the bottom right and your spy phone will start blinking green:
Click on the spy phone and it will lead you to a minigame.

3. Break the code!

The code can be cracked using a simple trial and error method- every time a symbol is in the right place a green ring will surround it, a yellow ring indicates that the symbol belongs to the code but is at the wrong spot, and the red rind indicates that the symbol does not belong.
The minigame is pretty easy, here’s a demonstration:

4. Reap the rewards

Once you’re done with the minigame, G will send you the following message along with 25 medals!
Bonus: If this is your first Field OPS, you’ll also get 4 stamps:
Good luck agent!

[AUS] OPERATION: Sleighing It!

Hey ACP!

We logged on for our Christmas Santa event!

Max: 17
merry christmas everyone (: