Gendarmerie War Training for the Templars [RESULTS]

What’s good ACP?!
Today we logged in to CPATG in order to do some training before we face off against those Templars.
Even though they suck and we are a lot better than them in every aspect, we did very well Maxing 13, and bettering some of our tactics for this up and coming war with the Templars.
 Lets keep up the good AUSIA work!
In this picture you can clearly see Manu thinking about what to do after we stomp on those helmets.
In this photograph, we can clearly see how us, the ACP, are taking a swim as we are not worried about Xinger Burger and his army of knights
Night and day, the time in which we are going to vigorously invade the life of those Templar Advocates.

Clearly after we decimate those popular mobile application facilitators they will let out a CSY of relief. Boom. CSY effect.

Keep up the good stuff AUSIA division as I am sure you will when it comes to crucifying these low life degenerates!


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