ACP Promotions December 2019!

Italicized names indicate demotion.

Red= USA/CA |Blue = UK/EUR |Green = Oceanic/AUSIA

Commander in Chief
 Koloway, Chainpro
 Field Marshal
CSY, Kailey
Lucy, Max, NotManuGinobili

Lieutenant General
2funky3, Moshi29

Major General
Austin, Sirplus
Brigadier General
Rockstar1819, Zoomey, Bscharbach2, Smurf, Pringle, Mikemate, Dino
 Inter, lauryn, Stef, MakiRAIUni, Xenomorth
First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant

 Sergeant Major

Warrant Officer
StrangeTRY, realoliver,  Puffle, Kyuu

Staff Sergeant
 NotHouse, Blueduck, Crash, Marquis, McSad, Zander, aceshigh2358,  zelly2004, Kailey (#2)

 Partygirl301, RedFireFreak, hiivasivutPaddyVUpcoming Mage,

 Aloy0219AltoAPPLE6683, beepdanadeathdrugsandcyanidegravitea, PinkDino16, PlokProtogen, Rupertpembot,  Spyman, Felix Raycher

Lance Corporal
0pal, Proski, xGray, Edible GlueANDGE1944, anxiety and orange juicee, Balding_Moon004, catfall, Chubbymonster98, FiveNightsAt 32’s OFFICAL, Flipper, Fluffy 3276, FROST_HyperGibberish613, glassdoor, JoeUnderdog, JonkeaTG, Jonsta_64, Kodachi, LonelyLemon2Lord Of StrangemOMmY RaCcOoN, naudii, Newton, Nick dragon, OOFTime_Noob1, Paulie5674, Pudi, Redditgold, SamTrickshot, Scamper0914(10)x2, Smitty, Vader, Valentina98o0, vivian // juen, zViper.exe,

  4daisey, _kyl.er_, Abadyy, Abbi, Abellina, adsd, Agustin, ahamburger, AirSpeed, ak293, Alaska2010, alex93601, alexa, alexa9089, alexworldlit, Amanda, amiiboamotta2023, Angeldav943, Angelina, antgame11, anthonyg1087, ApexPropoise, aqua, aqua2456, Arctiblaine, arnimarino, ashbash, Bella, Bister Mig, brownboy102, byx xyH ToponxTHNNr cyNTrE, ChristoChip, Clabastkal, coogie, Cringed, cup of poison, doodlesoap, Dooferberry1, Freezox, gay 2, GianLucak, HelloBrotha!, Henry_VI, itzSturge, jacktbfc, jeser, KokoroChan, Kuchiyohane, Litt7, Mango, milks, myst, Neos, NotHuman, PenguinGoth, PooPy s T i N k Y, Queenelsa13, quiggsy, redstar, RegularNoodle, ruiwen07, Ruiwen07, SanMaru, Shadowfigure, Sunk, TondraX, Tragiic Fate, Weet, Wolwerdna

ACP Panel of Guardians
Mchappy*, Shaboomboom, Flipmoo, Boomer20
* denotes current acting Guardian

[UK] Survey Corps Event 12/31/2019

Salutations, ACP!
Today we logged onto Blizzard, CPR for our UK Survey Corps of the eve of the New Year. We had some difficulties but still had a lot of fun and got some people to join! It was an awesome event and we thank everyone for coming!
Max: 45+
ACP Brigadier General

[AUS] A Choir P Invasion of PWBlizzard – SUCCESS!



We logged on to Sleet for our invasion of Snowball, we performed various tactics in many formations, good job everyone!
MAX: 20
Thank you everyone who attended and took pictures!
Lucy, ACP General

[US] Invasion of Ice Cube Results

Hey ACP!

Today our troops logged into proxy server Sleet, CPR to capture the server Ice Cube. We maxed 35 during this event visiting the plaza, stadium, Boiler Room and Dance Club. Through the whole event our leader Koloway lead through voice chat. Thank you to everyone who came to help us conquer this server!
March On ACP!

ACP General


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Thanks for a great month!
ACP Commander in Chief

[EU/UK] Unscheduled Survey Corps Training Results

Hey ACP!
Our Survey Corps division had an unscheduled training event today on the former Templar capital Alaska, and it was led by the high command/moderators: Funky, myself, Manu, Csy, Austin & Moshi. We did exceptionally well working together as a team, with perfect execution on almost every tactic! We maxed a total of 24 penguins! Don’t forget to claim your 3 clovers if you were there! Amazing job everyone!

March On! ~Max
☘ACP General☘
European Division Leader

{US} PLOK vs MEATLOAF War Celebration Event [RESULTS]

What’s good ACP?!
Today we logged in to Marshmallow in order to celebrate our recent war triumph over the Temploks and boy was it eventful!
We first had a party in the dance club in which we all had fun! Then we paraded across the island conveying our dominance to the ongoing viewers and players of CPR. After this we headed to our amazing leader Koloway’s Igloo and into the box dimension in which we waited for that blasted Plok to show up and give him a piece of our minds! After this we decided it would be a good idea in order to inform Rockhopper of some meatloaf shenanigans and we managed to recruit Rockhopper based on this meaty tomfoolery.
We did very well Maxing 35, and having awesome fun. Amazing job ACP over the past few days!
Here we can clearly see Rockhopper leading our meatloaf tactic after him joining and successfully taking Mch’s role as POG.
Keep up the good stuff ACP, lets keep it amazing going forward into 2020!



Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Brothers, soldiers, men:
The day we have long waited for has finally arrived. The Army of Club Penguin has officially won the war against Templars, as a result of their own idiocracy. I bet you’re shocked to hear that war has abruptly ended, so here’s a quick recap.
In our initial War post, we declared that Templars could not use allies or else “all of Templars land will be surrendered to ACP and Templar’s invasions will be rendered invalid.” In a shocking turn of events that is extremely characteristic of the Knights Templar, they used allies.

We won the following servers for ourselves as a result of this war:

Ice Palace
Beanie (CPATG)
Belly Slide
Blizzard (CPATG)

This was a very well fought war by the ACP, with our record standing at 3 battles won, 1 battle tied.

Thank you to everyone on our staff who helped make this happen.
Thank you to every troop who helped make this happen.
Glory to the ACP.


Hey, ACP!
Today we logged onto CPATG to defend our server, Below Zero, from the Knights Templar. It was a hard fought battle by everyone, and we were shown that Templars aren’t playing around. We didn’t win, but we did tie, which means they were just as good as we. 

MAX: 26 ||1-1-1 DRAW || WAR STANDING 3-1-0

ACP Commander in Chief