The ACP Rejuvenation

We have changed over the years, and I believe there are a few flaws in our current status. If you are an ACP troop, you are required to read this in order to improve the ACP status in whatever way possible.

It’s almost Summer for some of us, which means armies will experience a significant growth. Our job as owners is to improve our performance and try not to get left behind from other armies. I live in a time zone where I cannot interact with most of our troops during the weekdays, so I believe my purpose is to improve the army in general by posting a lot and organizing things. So let’s get started.

Improving Chat Activity

An active chat means an active army. By improving our conversation frequency, it will be easier to recruit people; as it will be fun to be in the chat room. Nobody want to be called to a chat that doesn’t have a conversation. Owners and moderators are to start as many conversations possible if there are none going on at the time.

Reducing Moderator Ranks

Capncook published a post on moderator ranks about how there are too many moderator ranks. In order to restore the main purpose and honor of being a moderator, we will be reducing hand-picked moderators. Also, those who do not obey the chat rules will also be demodded.

Sorting out the Owner’s Jobs

I believe owners should make an owner page which will only state the information that the owners need to know. War conferences, updates and etc. will still be published as a private post, but I believe we should have a place to publicize the owner status and such.

For example:
-3rd-in-commands status
Purpleslime4 status – **On vacation until 5/25/2013. WILL NOT BE ON UNTIL THEN**
Fluffyboy3 status – **ACTIVE**
Flipmoo status – **EXAMS WEEK. Will be reducing time on computer until 5/24/2013.**
Capncook status – **ACTIVE**
Soup status – **ACTIVE**

There also should be step to step instructions on each owner’s duty and authorization to the army. This will also improve the owner’s activity in general since there will be less confusions and doubtfulness. I am aware there are already some brief instructions listed on the Nations page, but I believe we need to get more into detail. We can also post our goals of the month (or week) on the page as well. Also, I believe there are way too many owner posts. We should publicize our owner conversations more unless it’s extremely classified. Like Oagalthorp said in his recent post, we need to start posting more. Owner posts don’t count, so why not make it visible to the rest of the world?

Owners, what do you think of this? Please let me know in the comments.


We have a page called, “Did you recruit?“, where troops comment if they recruit a new soldier. Owners will see the comments on that page, which will definitely improve your chances of getting a promotion depending on how many troops you recruit. Both chat/Club Penguin recruiting is allowed.

Checking the Site/Commenting

Troops should check the site daily for new posts, and should comment as much as possible. This way, our views will sky rocket and there would be more penguins at our events. Our founder, Oagalthorp,  published a post regarding this topic where you can view by clicking here. Commenting will positively effect your chances of getting a promotion as well.

Also, be sure to check Splashy’s post regarding ACP troop’s motivation by clicking here.

Australia/Asia Division

Now that my exams have ended, I will be scheduling events for the Australia/Asia Division in hope of making it a durable and reliable force that can be a use to the ACP. Event times and other information will be on a different post. We will be doing the following:

  • Recruiting Sessions
    • Scheduled & Unscheduled
  • Training
    • As stated in my post from a week ago, we need to improve on our tactic execution. In this section of this project, we will work on “paying attention”.
  • U-Leads
    • Anyone can do emote tactics. The thing that is really required for a troop is to do a tactic besides emotes. In this session, you will actually get to do what you want to do. Of course, with some advice from me personally.
  • Rallying Skills
    • In order to get decent sizes on Club Penguin, rallying skills are required. I will personally teach each and everyone one of you on how to get new people on the ACP chat.
  • Fun Activities
    • Raffles, temp mods, find four, card jitsu, parties, etc! We’ll have fun!

Be sure to state your opinion by commenting on this post!

~ACP 3rd-in-Command, ACP Australia/Asia Division Commander


27 Responses

  1. Sir I will follow your orders Sir

  2. Private posts are usually private for a good reason, you don’t want to publicise owners shouting at owners or battle plans.


  4. I think its a susan-perb idea 🙂

  5. Good post Flipmoo!

  6. I’m yet to see a single correlation between size increases and less mods. For example (from recollection), Boomer’s ACP had four mod ranks and he lead the ACP to unfathomable heights, and in the summer of 2012 ACP had 2 mod ranks, and didn’t do so well. Sizes have fluctuated from high to low and that doesn’t have a relationship with the amount of moderators.

    However, considering this seems to be brought up by an owner every month or so, we might as well do it, realize it has no real relation to the sizes and move on with our lives.

    Wouldn’t it be better to demote the crappy mods – the inactive ones, the ones who break rules, and the negligent ones? (particularly negligent ones, I swear only a tiny proportion of actual bans are by serving ACP mods, and most are by owners (mainly) and retirees).

    Good ideas about the owners, and good luck with your Austra-Asian division. Thank you for mentioning activity of conversation on chat ❤ (even though this wasn't my idea I'm sure it'll help)

    • I’m not trying to be mean, but.. well i just wont say it. *COUGH*OMG TOTALLY DEMOTE MAT HE MEAN*COUGH*

      • Just cuz somebody is mean to you, does not give you the right to say “DEMOTE HIM RIGHT NOW! HE LOOKED AT ME WITH THE EVIL EYE!” Minus the “HE LOOKED AT ME WITH THE EVIL EYE!”

  7. Alrighty! The owner status thing sounds like a good idea

  8. I am Emp


  10. I read this during a Biology final. 😆

    On the topic about a private owner page, I 100% agree on that. If I have time I will try to do that today. Otherwise the rest of the post seems very good.

  11. Nice post.

  12. I agree with all of this! But like jojas said, we need more fun stuff! Not just for him, for all of us! Happy (Not the other meaning for happy) troops+army=more activeness. And lets not start a war cuz we want (Insert random army here) to be destroyed. Start a war with them or any army for fun!

  13. I don’t like the Chat room thing about being demoted it sounds too strict

  14. If you want more fun in the chat room loosen the rules a bit, I mean seriously there aren’t any people under 13 in ACP who are active for the most part, we don’t need to keep it appropriate for 10 year olds.

  15. great post,flip 🙂

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