Motivation Within The ACP

Originally posted by Splashy.

Hey readers of PositivelyACP! I’ve noticed over the past year and a half I’ve been in the ACP, that motivation is a big problem. We all have times when we feel pumped and are ready to do anything, and we also have the negative times when we feel lazy and only want to participate in the chat conversations. But how important is motivation within the ACP, and any army for that matter?

Motivation. In my own words, it’s the feeling of wanting to do something and being ready and happy to do it.  Motivation comes in all shapes and forms in the ACP: we have CP battles/events, CP and Xat recruiting, server patrols, and going above and beyond for the benefit of your army, and, as an owner, doing your Join Page and posting. You don’t need to do all of these on your own accord and more to be a good troop, but it helps to feel motivated and willing to do such things whenever a person of high authority brings up the subject.

Motivation can affect the army in many ways. It’s important to know that being motivated is vital to the army, as with motivation, you are one of the first to log on to CP, one of the first to comment on posts, one of the first to start conversations on chat and one of the first to do something great for the army. The difference between winning and losing a battle is not a matter of size – it’s a matter of motivation.

Say, for example, we were having a Practice Battle on CP against the Ice Warriors. If we had no motivation,  our tactics and formations would be sloppy, we wouldn’t react to the enemy as quickly, and the owners would get very annoyed. They try their utmost best for the army, and it hurts when you see troops not willing to do anything. Having no motivation could easily lose the battle, even if we had a large size advantage. Whereas, if we’re motivated, we could win a battle, with or without a size advantage. When we’re motivated, we can do tactics ‘quick fire’ style, we can get into formations a lot quicker, and we can generally be the better army. As I mentioned, motivation is key to the army being successful.

Another example is Xat recruiting. Xat recruiting is a very hard skill to master. I made a post on the ACP site before, and I’m sure Snaily has made posts about it on here previously. If you need any tips, be sure to ask Snaily or myself on Xat, we’re always willing to help. Anyway, Xat recruiting. Motivation helps you to feel ready to Xat recruit.Motivation is knowing you can do something and believing in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you can be a better person, being more friendly, welcoming and helpful. This is so important for Xat recruiting. It’s a very tiresome process, but it definitely pays off. During Xat recruitment, it’s important to not only bring new recruits to the ACP chat, but to also take them under your wing and advise them – help them with any questions they may have, defend them on Xat from those who unfairly call them ‘noobs’, and guide them in the right path on becoming a great troop. Helping a new recruit is not only beneficial to the army, it’s also beneficial to the recruit, and to yourself. Seeing somebody, that you’ve helped, rise through the ranks, is a very rewarding thing. And with motivation, you can be better at Xat recruiting, and a better friend to new ACP troops.

Okay, so we’ve covered what motivation is, and how it helps the army. Now, how do we get motivated? A main source of motivation is yourself. Believing in yourself, thinking that you can do it, and never giving up. If you have confidence troubles, you can ask friends for support. You know you have proper friends when they help motivate you, push you to your limits, and are there for you when you fail. You can ask many people for help – Xat friends, fellow ACP soldiers, and the ACP owners. ACP owners in specific should be very willing to help guide you and motivate you.

Finally, the problem. As I said at the start of the post, over my past 18 months in the ACP, I’ve seen different people show different motivation levels. People display motivation in different ways. Not everyone that has motivation is bubbly and talkative on chat – a motivated soldier is a soldier ready to help the army. So, the problem within the ACP. There are troops that just aren’t motivated enough. And motivating them is as simple as PC’ing them and talking to them. Being friendly, making jokes, offering to go on CP and patrol with them. Remember, we’re all in it together, and if we don’t stick with one another, and be motivated together, we won’t get far.

Thanks for reading.

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  19. “Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you’re thinking!” eh stuff

  20. i saw foldez comment on the private acp summer awards post.
    i demand an award. i dont care what it is.
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