Introduction to the Australia/Asia Division of the ACP

Hello ACP. I am Flipmoo, an ACP General that lives in Japan, and I have been added to the site as a contributor to give you the updates & results of the newly created Australia/Asia Division of ACP. Before I start, let me just get this straight. This division isn’t consisted of those who live in the USA or UK, we are pure AUS/Asia.

Here is a brief explanation of my army experience before I start the actual topic.

  • I started playing Club Penguin in the beginning of February of 2007, hence my Club Penguin username, Slimball2007.
  • I am the IMAF Founder.
  • I retired in the beginning of 2010 when I moved to Japan, figuring it would be impossible to lead an USA army from Japan. However, I decided to come back in March of 2013, hearing that Australian Divisions have been created throughout Club Penguin armies.
  • I am the Commander of this newly created Division.

1. As of now, the ACP have enough Australian/Asian troops to form a medium sized army.

I have gone to multiple Club Penguin chat rooms (non-army related & during Australian times) and was surprised to see that many people lived in Australia than I imagined. I was able to recruit a couple troops into the Army of Club Penguin, but they were unfamiliar with the army system–at least until I explained to them about how things worked. Those who live in the United States or United Kingdom and go on Club Penguin xat rooms mostly know about the existence of Club Penguin armies, but children from Australia are unaware of this community, which is why I would like to revolutionize AUS Divisions of the ACP and make them as large as possible.

2. The Australia/Asia Division is also serves an international division.

Excluding the USA and UK, there are troops from all over the world that are trying to be active in a Club Penguin army but cannot attend any of the events due to the mass time differences. This division will organize those troops and and schedule events at convenient times for them, which will help them earn promotions after attending several events.

I would like to make the ACP’s Australian Division the largest Australian Army that ever existed. I cannot guarantee large sizes in the beginning, as it will require a lot of time and effort for an Australian Division to grow, but I promise you I will do my best to make ACP’s Australian Division the best.

Our first division event reached a decent size considering it was a unscheduled training session on a one bar server.
After a very long duration of chat recruiting, I was able to get a full chat on the ACP chat on a school day at Australian Times, so we decided to log onto Club Penguin to hold and event.

According to my data, 7:00 PM AUS was one of the dead timezones of the AUS Division, which is why I focused my chat recruitments at those times. After about 2 hours of recruiting, we were able to maintain a full chat for quite a while. And of course, after mass recruiting I held an unscheduled AUS event, which maxed sizes of 8 or 9. We did have a full chat at the time of the event, but some chose not to log on.

ACP Australia/Asia Division Event

I took a large screenshot so you could see the time on the top right corner of the image.

I took a picture of the full chat to show that we really got it.

If you live in a country with a unique time zone that isn’t supported by Club Penguin Armies, I recommend joining the ACP and become a member of our division! Our growth has just begun!

~Flipmoo, ACP General & ACP Australia/Asia Division Commander.

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  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. I can try to come to AUS events

  3. I’ll try!

  4. I’ll try my best to come.

  5. LOLOL


  7. Trust me… if anyone would know that timezones differences are a pain… it’s definitely me.

  8. LOL. Awesome, Flip! Hope it’ll go well.

  9. I’ll wake up early for the AUS because im SO decidated to ACP 😀

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