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Hey guys, I would like to share a post with you from Snaily, which I really like. Well, there is nothing much to say, but just click read more to read here post.

United we stand,
The Alliance so strong,
My brothers and sisters
Put BA where they belong!
We’ve been fighting endless battles and wars for months now, but are we worn down? NO! Our uniforms are smelly and filthy, but do we care? NOO!We have snow splattered on our faces, but do we surrender? NOOO! We scrape it off, pack it into ice balls and throw it back twice as hard! In your face Black Alliance!
ACP does not surrender. ACP does not quit.
Brothers and sisters, as we come into the final stretch of this World War, we stand together strong and fight relentlessly for what we believe in…freedom. The freedom from nasty dictators who manipulate, bribe, and threaten their soldiers that they hold hostage in their reign of terror.
For those who have given the best of themselves and participated with great effort, focus, and enthusiasm in this war, you have done a tremendous job and ACP couldn’t be more appreciative and proud of you! Whether you’ve made it to all events or just a few, we are sure you are giving 100% of what you can with your busy schedules and I assure you, your efforts do not go unnoticed! Thank you so much! For those who are unable to participate much in this war, try your hardest to shuffle around your responsibilities with school and at home so that you can jump into Club Penguin and join us in making ACP history. Everyone is valuable and everyone is necessary in order to attain VICTORY over the Black Alliance.
The Black Alliance’s strategies of turning ACP against each other in a civil war has failed. We stand strong. Their strategy of wearing us out and turning us into lifeless, exhausted penguins has failed. We stand strong. In fact, their determination to bring us down has only made us stronger in friendship and as the greatest Army of Club Penguin!
So as I stand proudly, enthused, dirty, smelly, and snow covered alongside my brothers and sisters in The Alliance, the Supreme Commander EK and all the Generals congratulate you and encourage you to give even more of yourself as we battle the Black Alliance in the final stages of this war. Let’s keep up the momentum, the enthusiasm and fight as one!
United we stand,
Divided we fall,
Come on The Alliance,
Let’s beat BA once and for all!
~~Sηaιℓу5, Division General ACP
BTW, pizza party compliments of EK for VICTORY! LOL

7 Responses

  1. wow that was an awesome post! i feel like an arm legend to be here fighting in WWVI

  2. Thank you so much antant I was one of those people who made it to a few battles because of my busy schedule you made me feel very proud and very thankful thank you


  4. We’ll teach not to mess with the ACP! Let’s win this thing! -Salutes-

  5. WE WILL WIN this war! Let’s keep going strong until the end, then we party!

  6. Please, don’t give them their servers back afterwards like you always do. They don’t deserve them.

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