Capncook: If there’s a problem you have with ANYTHING in this post, feel free to PC me or another leader about it. The absolute worst thing to do is to talk smack about the new ideas and cause a fight on chat. Simply wait to talk to me and speak your mind, I try to keep as open-minded as possible when it comes to these matters. ALSO BY POPULAR DEMAND, RULE 8 IS BACK.

Hello ACP and welcome to Capn’s Big Post of Stuff! This is the first and hopefully the last. Before we begin, let’s start with some links to the recruiting post.


Now for the post itself…

Active Count:

That’s activity friends.

Let’s start this off with the most important thing, THE ACTIVE COUNT! We do the active counts every now and then to make sure who is active among our ranks. Being active for us is going to events often, going on chat often, and also checking the ACP site every now and then. We love it when a soldier does all three of those things because it shows good character and possible readiness for a modship or leadership role in the near future! Who knows, maybe by being active here, you’ll be the next ACP leader, but we’ll see! For now let’s get to work on this active count.

So here’s how it works. You comment on the comment section below (Where else?) your CLUB PENGUIN (Rank) NAME, chat nickname, and ACP rank. That’s it! So simple right? To make it even simpler, I’ll even give you a format and an example!

Format: (Copy and paste the format please!)

1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name:

2. Chat Nickname:

3: ACP Rank:

Example: (Do not copy and paste the example please!)

1. Club Penguin (Rank) name: Capncook

2. Chat Nickname: Capn

3. ACP Rank: Second in Command (2ic).

See, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


New Rules:

Not those kinds of rules! =P

Now for the next biggest thing on the list! THE NEW CHAT RULES! Recently, I sat down with former ACP 3ic Packer1NFL and him and I discussed the ACP. One of the conclusions we came to was to change the chat rules a bit. We need to make them slightly more strict and they need to be enforced better. To make this part even more special, I sat down with former ACP leader Dryvit to discuss the changes to the rules. For those of you that don’t know or remember, during Dryvit’s leadership, the chat was safer than it had ever been really, and that’s something we’d like to reintroduce but just not nearly as strict. This idea was approved by all of the current leaders (Besides Funks because he is away), including Shab so I think it’s safe to say it will be put into place soon. The good thing about these rules is that if the soldiers don’t like them, they are amendable (Only if the amendment is reasonable). A process will be made to add new (AND FAIR) rules, change the new ones being implemented now, or get rid of some. So let’s first post the NEW rules only.

New Rules:

Rule 6: The rules are more strict to those in other armies.

Rule 7: Only people currently in the ACP/Retired veterans (WHO ARE NOT IN ANY OTHER ARMY) are allowed to be mods.
Former leaders keep owner on chat unless there is a rule against them.

Now let’s take a look at the CHANGES to the old rules.

Rule changes:

Rule 3:

-No trolling
-No instigating arguments in main chat.

Rule 1: No Being Inappropriate:

-No swearing on the chat, and censored swears are also counted as swears. Swearing in PC is also not allowed. Flip emote is also considered to be the same thing as the f-word.
-No using homosexuality [or the word gay, fag, faggot, etc…] as an insult.
-No using mental retardation as an insult.
-No sexual/drug topics.
-No racism, sexism, or derogatory comments about ethnicity.
-No inappropriate doodles.
-No cyber bullying

Rule 6:

-No asking for mod/owner/main owner/promotions.
-No unbanning people without an owner’s concent.
-The Supreme Commander only will tell you when you’ve earned mod.

Rule 5: Gone.

Now for an overview of what the rules will look like once implemented.


Rule 1:

-No being inappropriate.
-No swearing on the chat, and censored swears are also counted as swears. Swearing in PC is also not allowed. Flip emote is also considered to be the same thing as the f-word.
-No using homosexuality [or the word gay, fag, faggot, etc…] as an insult.
-No using mental retardation as an insult.
-No sexual/drug topics.
-No racism, sexism, or derogatory comments about ethnicity.
-No inappropriate doodles.
-No cyber bullying.

Rule 2:

-No Advertising: Do not come here and advertise your chat or site.
-Youtube and photobucket links are allowed.
-No spamming ANYTHING.

-No selling xats, days, Club Penguin penguins or anything on the ACP chat.

Rule 3:

-No trolling
-No instigating arguments in main chat.

Rule 4:

-No asking for personal information
-This includes phone numbers, pictures, last names, etc.

Rule 5:

-No asking for mod/owner/main owner/promotions.
-No unbanning people without an owner’s concent.
-The Supreme Commander only will tell you when you’ve earned mod.

Rule 6: The rules are more strict to those in other armies.

Rule 7: Only people currently in the ACP/Retired veterans (WHO ARE NOT IN ANY OTHER ARMY) are allowed to be mods.
Former leaders keep owner on chat unless there is a rule against them.

Rule 8: 8. Use Your Head: If you are unsure if something is against the rules, don’t do it. Up to the owners’ discretion.

Don’t forget about the punishments for breaking the rules!


Rule 1: Everything is a kick besides saying the “f word” or racist comments. The “f word” and racist comments are
automatically a one hour ban.

Rule 2: Auto ban.

Rule 3: Kick once then ban.

Rule 4: Auto ban.

Rule 5: Kick three times, then ban.

Rule 6: Auto ban.

Rule 7: Unmodding (Of people who are not eligible for mod)

Rule 8: Kick three times, then ban.

Finally here are just some extra notes on the subject.

Extra notes:

-Relaxed rules is gone.

-The rules are now amendable and there will be an official rule changing process implemented later.

-Rules intended on being more strict to people from other armies are not meant to discourage people not to come to chat,
rather to end many arguments that are caused primarily because of certain people from other armies.

So these are the new rules, they will be implemented the day after promotion day! REMEMBER THEY ARE AMENDABLE (CHANGEABLE)!


New Ranks:

WOO HALO RANKS! 😀 But not our ranks.

New ranks time! 😀 This is something I discussed with former leader Icey Cold27 AKA Mchappy. I also discussed this matter with Funks before he went away. They both approved of the idea and now we have the opportunity to implement them in.

The first rank will be under Division General and will be a mod rank! It will be just General. So the mod ranks would look like this:

Division General:


Master General: 

*(Green just for emphasis)*

The next new rank will be a member rank! It will be under Captain and above 1st Lieutenant. The rank will be Lieutenant! So the member ranks would look like this:

Field General:

Lieutenant General:

Major General:

Brigadier General:


Lieutenant Colonel:




1st Lieutenant:

2nd Lieutenant:

Warrant Officer:

Staff Sergeant:



There really shouldn’t be such a problem with two new ranks. We’re just trying to control the amount of mods is all! 😀


The Revision of The Clover and Divisions System:

Ah the clover, this is what we’re all about in the ACP! 😀

So the clover system isn’t working out as planned originally. That’s alright for now. However, when things start picking up again, the other leaders and I will revise the clover system.

Side note, for now the clover system is scrapped and you don’t need to keep track of clovers anymore!

As for Divisions, we clearly don’t have enough penguins in our ranks for Divisions right now. We’ll keep the Division General rank for now for reference and we’ll DEFINITELY go back to making divisions official once we have at least thirty active people again on average.



Listen ACP, we’re hitting a bit of a low point. Number 6 on CPAC? We can do much much better. We’ve been the best army since 2006 and we will remain the best army no matter what happens. When I tell you to go on CP and recruit or Funks tells you or Ek, Emp, Stew, or Asd tells you, you go on and you recruit alright? We don’t need negativity and we don’t need back talk. To get the ACP to be the best again and stay the best we’ll need more determination and we have so much potential just sitting in our ranks I know it! So just remember to recruit more, and if you see me on chat and we’re not doing anything PC me and ask me to start a recruiting. If you do and it’s successful you may get a reward *cough* mod/owner for an hour!


Battle Rewards:

You may get medals of the gold kind ACP! :O

This is the last section and another small one I want to address. Since we’re getting rid of the clover system FOR NOW, we’ll need a new reward for all of our hard working soldiers. As seen in the past by ACP leader Matre10, the most dedicated soldiers during the battle will receive either modship or ownership on the chat for UP TO ONE DAY! Here’s how it will work. IF WE WIN THE BATTLE, two members that were dedicated during the entire thing will receive moderator for UP TO ONE DAY! The hardest working moderator will receive ownership for UP TO ONE DAY! Simple right? If we lose though, no soldier gets anything special, so you’ll have to work hard to get these rewards soldiers! This only works for scheduled events; however as stated above in the recruiting section, you may be able to get up to one day of modship if you recruit a lot on Club Penguin even if it’s unscheduled! So good luck the soldiers trying for this!




Good luck ACP,



Capncook: Guys, the CPAC Top 10 is obviously not to be taken so seriously for our placement. It was based off of a battle who’s scheduling I can’t even find on our site first of all. Second, if you look at the ACP from August 13, 2012 (Our invasion of the UMA Empire day), our sizes max 27-30 penguins. Our tactics were far superior to that of most of the CP armies that ranked above us in the Top 10 this week. What I’m trying to say is, CPAC isn’t always right so don’t let the Top 10 get to you. We are doing a lot better than you guys may think and if anyone tells you otherwise, you can link them the battle between us and the UMA over Slushy and the recruiting we did today where we maxed 35 penguins according to Stew.

75 Responses

  1. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Mike Stand12[Original Penguin Jackie202] Jack on the Ranks
    2. Chat Nickname:๖̶̶ۣۜ∂я.̶נacє™||๖̶̶̶ۣۜρѕуcнσℓσgιѕт ♦ ๖̶̶̶ۣۜтнєяaριѕт|| ArroganceIsACrime (170394775)
    3: ACP Rank:Major General

    • 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Bart 25

      2. Chat Nickname: Staff Seargent Bart 25 (I always use something like this)

      3: ACP Rank: Staff Seargent

      • Are we going to change rank images? For a UK or EU division it might be easier for their home countrys rank images. Just a thought.


  3. ALL COMMENTS (Besides this one) or comments to the changes will be removed! FIRST!

  4. WOOOO SEAL. There is a problem though. Rule 8 must stay intact.

  5. Moo. Thank you, thank you, thank you for enforcing the sexist rule, Capn. Really. All of these new stuff should be interesting. 😛
    1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Pinkgirl3919
    2. Chat Nickname: Tori
    3. ACP Rank: Lieutenant General

  6. Good Post!

  7. 1.ibiki
    3.second lieutenant
    Ps.SEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  8. Buritodaily
    Master general

  9. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Cpwarriorful
    2. Chat Nickname: Cpwarriorful
    3: ACP Rank: Captain

  10. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Pingugreen6

    2. Chat Nickname: Pingugreen6

    3: ACP Rank: Warrant Officer

  11. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Max43810
    2. Chat Nickname: Max
    3: ACP Rank: Captain [35 Clovers]

  12. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Antant98

    2. Chat Nickname: Ant or Antant

    3. ACP Rank: Division General

  13. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Simply Leave
    2. Chat Nickname: Simply
    3: ACP Rank: Colonel

    Also, are we still going to be doing handpicked mods?

  14. 78562cool
    Brigader General

  15. 1. Club Penguin name: Pengy38088
    2. Chat Nickname: Pengy38088
    3. Brigaider General

  16. I liked rule 8 D:
    1. Empoleon7667
    2. Emp
    3. 3ic

  17. Cooly 8880
    Warrant Officer

  18. Foldez
    Master gen

    i like the idea of new ranks and dropping the medals system

  19. Yellowie 25
    Master General

  20. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Ajman9011
    2. Chat Nickname: Ajman
    3: ACP Rank: Field General
    To Ek and Capn: Will some Master Generals be promoted to General and some Field Generals promoted to Master General?

  21. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Asdfghjkl888
    2. Chat Nickname: Asdfghjkl888
    3: ACP Rank: Commander General 3ic

  22. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Galaxie3
    2. Chat Nickname: Gala
    3: ACP Rank: Lt. General

  23. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Superjay99

    2. Chat Nickname: Superjay99

    3: ACP Rank: Lt General

  24. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Pengy7778

    2. Chat Nickname: Pengy7778

    3: ACP Rank: 2nd Lt.

  25. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Obama81000
    2. Chat Nickname: Obama81000
    3: ACP Rank: Division General

  26. 1. tmw12
    2. tmw12
    3. captain!

  27. 1.ptyszo

  28. Things sure have changed since I left, Who would have thought Kingfunks would be leader? Of course he’s been in ACP for a long time. It brings back old memories when I see this website.

  29. You averaged 25 against UMA, not 27-30, js.

  30. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Swimmerboy01

    2. Chat Nickname: »♣ѕωιммєявσу₀₁†™||

    3: ACP Rank: Division General (Alpha Leader)

  31. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Agent233
    2. Chat Nickname: Agent233
    3: ACP Rank: Field General (HandPick Mod)

  32. Ek
    Head General

    Not the best place for an active count :O

  33. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Tes7

    2. Chat Nickname: Tes

    3: ACP Rank: Division General

  34. just take me off the ranks. oh capn, you are one silly person. but i have 1 thing to say, isn’t the CPAC the CENTRAL of all cp armies, so aren’t they responcible for saying what they want about us. even though i to am a little upset, they do record ALL THE LATEST news for cp armies. if they do that, wouldn’t you rather not argue with who you depend on alot for popularity in the cp army world??? i know i wouldn’t…

    ~ Tdude160

  35. Fairly Odd Parents, best show ever 😀 Now to read the post

  36. cp name ben 92763
    chat name ben 92763
    rank 1st lieutenant

  37. idealrussian
    2nd liutenant

  38. noka

  39. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Aeropos
    2. Chat Nickname: Aeropos(sergant!!!)
    3: ACP Rank: sergant

  40. 1. Club Penguin Name: mr waffle 45
    2. Chat Nickname: (clover#slash#flail#hole)✵✈☛ṂṜ_ẄΛḞḞⱢΣ_45_45☚✈✵177_my_bday_(pty)(clover#slash#flail#hole)(beast#dance7#hole)[32♣]echo(glow)
    3: ACP Rank: field general
    yes i am active extremely active

  41. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Rico57816
    2. Chat Nickname: CPMaster10123
    3: ACP Rank: Bridgadier Genera;

  42. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Pengwen6
    2. Chat Nickname: Peng
    3: ACP Rank: Staff Sergeant

  43. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Penny91

    2. Chat Nickname: Pennington Mch Ninety One Hundred and Two Esquire.

    3: ACP Rank:Master General


  45. i have no idea why but i was told to comment on this

  46. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Monsoon
    2. Chat Nickname: Monsoon
    3: ACP Rank: Master General

  47. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Kibster14
    2. Chat Nickname: Kib
    3: ACP Rank: Cadet (according to sir Antant98
    Sorry i have not been to some battles and other things recently….I lost internet at my house for a while. Sorry to disappoint you sir…I will be more faith full and check this for new updates a lot more sir!!

  48. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Mew2red

    2. Chat Nickname: Mew or Mew2 or Red or Mew2red

    3: ACP Rank: Major General

  49. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Snaily5
    2. Chat Nickname: Snaily5
    3: ACP Rank: Lieutenant General

  50. 1. Etac14
    2. Erica or Etac
    3. Field General

  51. 1) Mikadoyoshi
    2) Mikadoyoshi
    3) Staff Sergeant

  52. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Superaalden
    2. Chat Nickname: Superaalden_the_fluffy_sheep …. ETC ETC o_o
    3: ACP Rank: Colonel
    OHH COME ON..give the fluffy sheep a promo 😀

  53. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Leafpool51

    2. Chat Nickname: I think its Leaf or Leafpool51

    3: ACP Rank: Major general

  54. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Xavier2466
    2. Chat Nickname: Xav
    3: ACP Rank: Staff sergeant

  55. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Smsm3
    2. Chat Nickname: Chris
    3: ACP Rank: Master General

  56. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Ericgarfeild

    2. Chat Nickname: Ericgarfeild or Eric

    3: ACP Rank: Major General

  57. Da Main Cat
    Da Main Cat

  58. Cawasky2
    1st Lieutenant

  59. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Swat Bandit

    2. Chat Nickname: Swat

    3: ACP Rank: Colonel

  60. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Scamper540
    2. Chat Nickname: Scamp
    3: ACP Rank: Sergeant

  61. Bring back relaxed rules please.

  62. Shadowcrew

  63. 1.Maxy 777
    2. Maxy (or, for some people, just Max)
    3.Brig. General

  64. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: jorsnape
    2. Chat Nickname: jorsnape
    3: ACP Rank: corporal

  65. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Holly8857

    2. Chat Nickname: Super Edwin van der sar the best gk ever Master gen

    3: ACP Rank: Master gen

  66. 1. Club Penguin (Rank) Name: Mcw3

    2. Chat Nickname: Mcw3~*WarratOfficer*~*(clover)~*(pty)(dj)(3d)

    3: ACP Rank:

  67. It’s very straightforward to find out any topic on web as compared to
    books, as I found this article at this web page.

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